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  • [Alert] Why you eat more 
  • Simple solution to your >BIG problem< 
  • [Firstname], do you exercise your brain? 
  • 10X your fat loss results… without exercise?


Hi [First name],

Did you know that stress is the MAJOR reason that people visit their doctor?

It’s true.  The Harvard Business Review has reported that 60% to 90% of ALL visits to primary care physicians are for stress related problems."

I think it’s safe to say that most of us feel pretty stressed out these days.

And that stress is wreaking MAJOR havoc on your fat loss goals.  Especially when it comes to keeping off the weight.

The reason is that when you eat enjoyable foods you feel great. [ ←- EMBED LINK]

So when you feel stressed… you eat more!

It's okay. It's really common. 

The solution:  to lose weight and keep it off, you need to learn how to manage stress better.

Exercising your body is one way. You got that covered with the [name of your program here.]

Another way is through exercising your mind. [ ←- EMBED LINK]


You already know how to take care of your body and are taking steps everyday towards that.

When you learn to access your inner mind power, you can easily 10X your fat loss results.  And increase your chances to keep that weight off permanently.

The fastest, and easiest way I have found to do that is through an incredible program that #1 Bestselling Author and fitness expert Makayla Leone has created.

You can check it out for yourself HERE. [ ←- EMBED LINK]

To your health and fitness


P.S. Can you do me a favor? The feedback for Makayla’s program has be outstanding.   [ ←- EMBED LINK]

However, I want to know how it works for YOU. Will you shoot me an email and let me know when you see results with this as well?


Subject Lines:

  • The body you always wanted? 
  • The hidden fat loss multiplier? 
  • The biggest fat loss LIE


Hey [FirstName]

Do you have the body you want?

If so, could it be that there is something holding you back from losing that last 10 lbs? 

If you’re like most people, you might think “willpower” is key to weight loss. Yet, if that were the truth, wouldn’t we all have the bodies we want?

Willpower is not the key. The hidden fat loss multiplier is actually something most people overlook as too simple. [ ←- EMBED LINK]

If there was a way to tap into your inner mind power, and supercharge (10x!) your weight loss and fat loss results

Would  you be interested?

I had a conversation with a good friend the other day and she shared some surprising science with me:

To lose weight and keep it off… you need to improve your fitness habits. 

You see… when you reprogram your fitness habits you increase your chances to 10x your weight loss and fat loss results.  [ ←- EMBED LINK]


You will Keep that weight off permanently. 

My friend, the #1 Bestselling Author and fitness expert Makayla Leone, has created a fast and easy way to eliminate your bad habits and replace them with positive behaviors.

Behaviors that support your fat loss and cellulite reduction goals. [ ←- EMBED LINK]

In Makayla’s unique “Hypnotic Meditation” audios, you’ll discover “Power Habits.” 

A simple meditation that helps you relax into profound trance. and effortlessly absorb  new, powerful habits that will support you in all you do …

So stop trying to lose fat and reduce unwanted cellulite the hard way… through sheer willpower alone.

Check out Makayla’s life changing audios and quickly create the new habits that will get you to where you want to go.  [ ←- EMBED LINK]

To your health and fitness


P.S. Depriving yourself the delicious foods you love isn’t good long term weight loss strategy. Most people fall off that wagon and overindulge. Then… the weight comes back. 

When you create new habits, you can actually eat all the foods you love AND still keep the weight off. That’s why you need to change your habits → with “Power Habits” and the “Hypnotic Meditation” audios.  [ ←- EMBED LINK]


Subject Lines:

  • [Fact] think your way thin? 
  • Press play and... 
  • Your dirty mind is keeping you fat 
  • Exercise your mind for 10x weight loss


Dear [First Name]

Did you know that you have a raging battle going on inside your head?

It’s like your body is a ship. Your brain has a “captain” (your logical, thinking mind).  Every day he gives out orders:  “Get up.”  “Go to the Gym.”  “Eat Healthy.” Etc.

Yet, you have a crew of subconscious beliefs (many of which were created when you were a baby) who don’t agree with the captain.  At all.

Those are the voices that say:  “I hate the gym.”  “I deserve those two extra slices of cake.” “I can sleep in for 10 more minutes.”

It’s a mutiny. [ ←- EMBED LINK]

It’s not your fault.  We ALL suffer from this “mutiny of the mind?”  

This mutiny in your mind keeps you stuck.  

It’s what sabotages your success, derails your diet and freezes your fat loss efforts.

Even worse, this “mutiny” creates an internal stress loop that amplifies the guilt you feel for disobeying the “captain” of your mind.

However, there is one way to overcome this.  It’s a very specific exercise… for your mind. 

And frankly, it will be one of the easiest things you ever do. [ ←- EMBED LINK] 

#1 Bestselling Author and fitness expert Makayla Leone has created a fast (and fun!) way to exercise your mind… And replace the negative whispers and behaviors with positive ones. 

Makayla’s unique “Hypnotic Meditation” program, allow you to: 

Silence all the negative, inner voices of your mind

Get extra ‘oomph' and the energy you need to power through your workout

Make beneficial changes in your own life patterns.

Effortlessly create new habits that support your weight loss goals. When you do this you’ll find it EASY to lose those stubborn extra pounds of fat.

Reduce the stress so you’re less likely to “stress eat”.  Added bonus: You’ll reduce the hormone “cortisol” - the primary “fat maker” in your body!

And more!

When you learn to access your inner mind power, you can easily 10X your fat loss results. [ ←- EMBED LINK]

 And increase your chances to keep that weight off permanently.

Finally feel more “in control” of your ship to win the Mutiny of the Mind... and win the weight loss battle.

Go ahead and get it now, here. [ ←- EMBED LINK]

It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s fun.

To your health and fitness,